For Your Average Genius: November 2004

Friday, November 05, 2004

How long before the Democrat Party implodes?

1- The last two elections (2002 & 2004), has put eight new prolife Senators in office.

2- They replaced eight pro-choice senators.

3- Meanwhile, the Republicans increased their majority in both years.

4- More Republican governors were elected both times. Most governorsare now Republican.

5- More state houses have switched to Republican majorities. Most statehouses now have Republican majorities.

How long before the Democrats start to tear into each other? And watch to see if some Dems don't switch parties. You can count on more seats going Republican in 2006 because the 'negative replenishment effect' of Roe v. Wade will continue to sap strength from the chances for Dems. (Most abortions are had by pro-choice women -- reducing the pool of children that are influenced by pro-choice parents.)

By 2008, it's going to get ugly for the Dems. (No, I'm not refering to a certain Senator's appearance.) The number of Republicans in both Houses will crush the Dems. And Hillary's chances will go down in flames. By 2010, don't count on the Democrat Party being a major party any more.

Democrats fail to get out the dead fetus vote

Man-oh-man, if all those smart Democratiic women hadn't killed their fetuses between 1973 and 1986, maybe they could have joined up with the MTV/P.Diddy "Vote or die" campaign.

What they might have failed to realize is that too many died BEFORE they could vote. About 10-15 million between 1973 and 1986. so they never reached voting age.

That left a whole lot of us dumb Republicans overpopulating the voting booths since fewer prolife women have abortions than prochoice women do.
Shucks, it was like natural selection in reverse. We dumb Republicans forgot to kill off our progeny like those smart Democrats did.

Sliver victories for prolife Senators due to . . .

... too many abortions.The Alan Guttmacher Institute has put together a study that shows it'spro-choice women who are having most -- not all -- of the abortions.

The dead fetuses of mostly pro-choice women were unable to vote in2002 and 2004. If they had lived and voted like their mom's, Martinezof FL, Thune of SD, and the Republican candidate for Senate inLouisiana all would have lost. Each prolife winner won by a sliver, 50to 49.

The pro-choice voter is only at the beginning of reaping itsself-created whirlwind. Each new election promises much of the same:more prolife winners by small margins.

Before long, the Democratic party will probably collapse frominfighting.All due to abortion.