For Your Average Genius: February 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Iran's nuclear lies busted

(AP) "Shared in the past two weeks was material on a laptop computer reportedly smuggled out of Iran, said another diplomat, accredited to the IAEA. In 2005, U.S. intelligence assessed that information as indicating that Tehran had been working on details of nuclear weapons, including missile trajectories and ideal altitudes for exploding warheads."

Read the whole article.

Umm, "IDEAL ALTITUDES FOR EXPLODING WARHEADS!" This comes after repeated denials by the Iranian leaders that they have any intention to build nukes. But then they do chant "Death to America!" at each of their Revolutionary Council meetings. So maybe they are lying. Ya think?

Iran has already tested firing its Shahab-3 missiles off of freighters at heights ideal for Electro-Magnetic Pulse effects.

If you're not familiar with EMP nukes, ONE well placed detonation over the US could knock out all electrical equipment over the entire US and parts of Canada and Mexico. Iran would probably detonate more than one to make sure it did the job.

All vehicles on the road would have their electrical systems fried. Major roadways would be blocked by dead vehicles. Gas stations would not be able to pump their fuel.

Water delivery to your home would also end once the water towers are empty. So your toilets won't flush.

Your refrigerator would also be dead. You'd have no lights and no a/c.

Basically with the loss of indoor plumbing and access to food and water, the entire population of the nation would die of starvation and pestilence.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Doctor Who Cures Cancer news update

Since you are a reader of my blog, you're going to be
receiving advance notice of some really good news.

Twelve years ago I wrote the book The Doctor Who Cures
. , I've always wanted the god news to reach a wide

Much to my dismay the publisher sat on the book because I
wouldn't accept his offer to reduce my royalties by 65%.

Recently, I put the book online in an eBook format. (This
isn't the good news I had promised above.) Some readers have taken
advantage and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Here is some feedback I've received already:

"Kelley, I love your writing style... easy readable, honest,
assertive, great sense of humor. You have to continue to
write. This country needs your books."

- Lyudmila Lachac, East Norwich, New York

Here's another:

"I have read a lot of books yet none of them were as clear
and interesting as this book. It’s the only one in the last
60 or 70 books that I couldn’t put down.

"With other books, after a half-hour I’m bored with them.
The Doctor Who Cures Cancer is written in a way that you
understand everything perfectly as you read it –
nobody writes like that!"

- Raquel Sanchez, M.D., Panama City Beach, Florida

Those comments were kind of cool for someone who struggled
at times to complete high school and college. I do love to
write a whole lot, though.

Still, for many people, there's nothing like holding the
book in your hands. Plus it can be easier to read that way.

So here's the good news. By sometime next week,
The Doctor
Who Cures Cancer will be available as a real book once again!

I'll let you know as soon as it's ready. You might want to
keep your eye out for my next blog.

Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about the book, here
is the web address:

The best to you,

Kelley Eidem

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