For Your Average Genius: Bush surprises Compeon and Ramos with Christmas gift

Monday, December 24, 2007

Bush surprises Compeon and Ramos with Christmas gift

Dateline Washington, D.C.- GW Bush has reached a compromise in regards to the two federal border agents who shot a major drug Mexican dealer in the ass and got sent to jail for their proficiency.

Instead of a full pardon, America's #1 Compassionate Conservative is sending them to Club Gitmo. Club Gitmo is favored by all criminals and terrorists due to the exclusive idyllic ocean views and breezes, along with the scrumptious catered meals provided by America's finest: the US Military.

"It's not exactly Crawford, Texas, but it's pretty good for not having any patchy grass to look at," Bush admitted.

Whether or not Campeon and Ramos will be allowed to be armed to shoot more illegals in the ass is still under negotiation.
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