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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fred Thompson: Type Cast

Let's admit it, Fred isn't a great actor... he has been type cast in every role he's played on the big and small screen. So what's his type? He's always the guy everyone looks up to. He's the Leader. The Boss. The Man. The President.

Yup, he's even played President of the US. President U. S. Grant if I'm not mistaken.

In Hollywood, the folks who cast movies have a large pool of actors to choose from. Getting roles is a hyper-competitive undertaking. So it says something when Fred keeps getting picked to be himself on screen time after time.

But he just can't help it. He has the "It Factor" working for him big time.

Being a leader seems to come to him naturally, whether it be telling an overbearing moderator to stuff it, or sinking an enemy ship.

I vaguely remember the first time I saw Fred Thompson on TV back in 1994 or thereabouts. The particulars escape me but what I still recall is thinking, "That guy ought to be president!"

That's how powerful his presidential aura is.

What makes all this doubly sweet is his willingness to kick ass and take names. Earlier this year, for instance, he wrote an essay pretty much telling Iran he'd kick theirs. Only, Fred doesn't write coarsely like I do. It was an elegant ass kicking as it were.

The guy is suave, sot of like an ugly James Bond. But with a law degree, and one tough district attorney willing to face off against a governor.

Make no mistake...between the lines, Fred sent a message: "Look, I've put an American Governor behind bars; I would certainly deal with nuclear-weapon-bearing psycho punks a little more harshly.

For the bonus round he's got a 100% prolife voting record, is strong against illegal immigration, strong on the war against terror, the Constitution, etc.

Endorse him? Heck, I love him! And you will, too. President Thompson: the Marlboro man GWB always wanted to be.

- William Kelley Eidem, aka, brightwinger
William Kelley Eidem is the author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer and It's Not Just For Sex. Your Fred lovefest comments are welcome.

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At December 23, 2007 at 4:37 PM , Blogger R.W. Carter said...

Fread on Alan Keyes.

At December 23, 2007 at 11:00 PM , Anonymous Brightwinger said...

That was pretty darn funny!

Sorry for the delay in getting your comment posted. I accidentallly had the moderator function turned on. It's fixed now.
William Kelley Eidem is the author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer and It's Not Just For Sex ( Your Fred lovefest comments and commercial sig lines are welcome.


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