For Your Average Genius: Do our Muslim enemies really support Obama?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Do our Muslim enemies really support Obama?

It sure looks that way, but is it really true? I'm not buyin' it.

Yeah, millions of dollars have poured in from Muslim nations. Furthermore, Libya's strongman recently gave a speech in favor of Obama, and in an effort to enlist support for Obama from Libyians, said Obama was trained as a Muslim when he lived in Indonesia as a child.

There have been other signs of support for Obama from our Islamic

But here is the thing. Not only is Obama for abortion in all cases,
he's for letting babies die after failed abortions. Meanwhile,
abortion is a huge offense according to Islamic beliefs.

So something doesn't add up. The Islamists are 'supporting' the most
apostate candidate in the race.

That means they have a different agenda. Namely, they want a president who will allow them to vanquish the US. The Islamofascists believe all our candidates are apostates and deserving of death. That being the case, our enemies, the Islamists, are supporting the one that will make it easier to destroy the US.

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