For Your Average Genius: Headline Circa 2006: Iran Flunks Global Test

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Headline Circa 2006: Iran Flunks Global Test

If I ran for student body president on a "Uranium for Iran" platform, what would my prospects be? The answer ought to be fairly self evident. The only votes I'd get would be from crack-smoking winos.

So how is it possible that we have a candidate running for President of the United States on that platform? And why hasn't the US media fried Kerry for this third-grade proposal until he is past burnt orange in color?

And how is it possible that the US has sunk so low in its critical thinking that "Uranium for Iran" won't produce a 95% to 5% defeat for Kerry?

Even Ralph Nader, who has some loopy ideas, hasn't advocated arming the enemy like Kerry is doing.

If Kerry were to win (maybe with voter fraud?) there might be suitcase atomic bombs exploding in 20 large US cities.

I can hear Kerry now, "But that doesn't pass the global test."

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