For Your Average Genius: Did VP Cheney miss an opportunity?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Did VP Cheney miss an opportunity?

When Gwen Ifil asked Vice-President Cheney to tell the American people why he was qualified to be a candidate for Vice President, he took the bait (as did Edwards.)

Thanks for playing, but ...

...the correct answer for Cheney was as follows:

"I fully trust that the American people can make that decision without any self-serving comments from me. I have been honored to witness the President respond on a daily basis to the critical challenges America has faced since before the 9/11 War began. So it is a much greater concern to me who will be filling that role as President for the next four years.

"Senator Kerry has promised to provide the nuclear material to Iran that could be subverted and converted into an atomic suitcase bomb. Tonight there is at least one terrorist, maybe hundreds, who would gladly set that atomic bomb off in a city near you.

"I am confident that the dads and moms of America do not want to take that risk. The wide-eyed proposal of Senator Kerry is the wrong idea at the wrong time -- with the wrong nation.

"I can promise you that our president will NEVER risk giving nuclear material to a terrorist nation such as Iran."

That answer would have gone a long way in framing the final weeks of the race where it ought to be focused: on the critical issue of the safety of America's families.

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